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Creating a VXC to AWS with the API

This topic steps through the API procedure to create a VXC to a AWS, including how to look up cloud interconnect locations, validate the connection, and order the VXC.

The example in this topic creates a Hosted VIF connection to AWS with a data rate of 500 Mbps. To step through this example, use the staging environment URL, which lets you configure the connections but does not deploy or charge for the services.

Before you begin, obtain a valid access token. For details, see Creating an API Key.


To see all options for the requests used in this example, see

To look up cloud provider location details in the Postman collection

  1. Expand the Locations folder in the left navigation and click GET Partner Megaports.

  2. Click Send to make a GET request to the API server.

    GET {baseUrl}/v2/dropdowns/partner/megaports

    This request returns all the interfaces Megaport has with Cloud Service Providers. You can search by clicking the magnifying glass and entering a location, data center, or other parameter in the search field.

    The connectType indicates the Cloud Service Provider. AWS includes “AWS” for Hosted VIFs and “AWSHC” for Hosted Connections.

    You can filter the results by connectType and vxcPermitted.

    GET {baseUrl}/v2/dropdowns/partner/megaports?connectType=AWS&vxcPermitted=true

    This example uses a Port in Interxion DUB2 that is accepting VXCs (“vxcPermitted”: true) and is in the region eu-west-1.

            "connectType": "AWS",
            "productUid": "6cc21ccb-5ecc-4869-ab0e-b3fa17f5110f",
            "vxcPermitted": true,
            "companyUid": "623cb950-abb4-4b07-b372-8cf55756c322",
            "companyName": "AWS",
            "title": "EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)",
            "locationId": 96,
            "speed": 10000,
            "rank": 61,
            "lag_id": 2,
            "lag_primary": true,
            "aggregation_id": 54188

To test and validate the order

  1. In Postman, expand Cloud Connectivity > Port > AWS Direct Connect in the left navigation and select POST Validate AWS - Hosted VIF.

  2. Update the Body of the request with the productUid of the Port, the productUid of the AWS port, and the AWS account ID.
    You can also change additional values, such as name, rate limit, VLAN ID, ASN values, authKey, and IP addressing.

  3. Click Send to POST the request.

    POST {baseUrl}/v2/networkdesign/validate
        "productUid": "a49cf3f1-20a1-4390-93aa-5005bdafe3d7", 
        "associatedVxcs": [
                "productName": "My Amazon Direct Connect",
                "rateLimit": "500",
                "aEnd": {
                    "vlan": 777
                "bEnd": {
                    "productUid": "6cc21ccb-5ecc-4869-ab0e-b3fa17f5110f", 
                    "partnerConfig": {
                        "connectType": "AWS",
                        "name": "Amazon name for service",
                        "type": "private",
                        "asn": 65105,
                        "amazonAsn": 64555,
                        "ownerAccount": "312345679135",
                        "authKey": "123456",
                        "prefixes": "",
                        "customerIpAddress": null,
                        "amazonIpAddress": null

When validated, you are ready to place the VXC order.

To order the VXC to AWS

  1. Copy the validated body from POST Validate AWS - Hosted VIF and paste into the body of the POST Buy AWS - Hosted VIF.

  2. Click Send to post the request.

    POST {baseUrl}/v2/networkdesign/buy

Here is an example of a successful response.

    "message": "VXC [47d6cc4d-6a1a-4301-b06c-cebb5f9b8f3e] created. ",
    "terms": "This data is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy",
    "data": [
            "createDate": 1588868593704,
            "vxcOrderId": 42328,
            "payerMegaPortId": 68124,
            "nonPayerMegaPortId": 52786,
            "payerMegaPortName": "API Port",
            "nonPayerMegaPortName": "EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)",
            "payerCompanyId": 2278,
            "nonPayerCompanyId": 117,
            "payerLocationId": 89,
            "nonPayerLocationId": 96,
            "salesId": null,
            "payerCompanyName": "Megaport Lab",
            "nonPayerCompanyName": "AWS",
            "payerMegaPortNsId": 138231,
            "nonPayerMegaPortNsId": 221182,
            "payerVlanId": 777,
            "nonPayerVlanId": 0,
            "payerApproverName": "Paul McGuinness",
            "payerApproverId": 12695,
            "nonPayerApproverName": "Paul McGuinness",
            "nonPayerApproverId": 12684,
            "payerApproval": 1582268553574,
            "nonPayerApproval": 1228868693614,
            "fixedTerm": true,
            "duration": 1,
            "rollover": true,
            "serviceName": "from API Port to EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)",
            "payerStatus": "APPROVED",
            "nonPayerStatus": "APPROVED",
            "speed": 500,
            "distanceBand": "ZONE",
            "intercapPath": "",
            "awsId": null,
            "promoCode": null,
            "rateType": "MONTHLY",
            "vxcJTechnicalServiceId": 57115,
            "vxcJTechnicalServiceUid": "47d6cc4d-6a1a-4301-b06c-cebb5f9b8f3e",
            "provisionDate": 1588868593517,
            "orderType": "NEW",
            "monthlyDiscountAmount": null,
            "discountMonths": null,
            "amazonDirectConnectConfigDto": {
                "type": "private",
                "asn": 65105,
                "ownerAccount": "312345679135",
                "authKey": "123456",
                "customerIpAddress": null,
                "amazonIpAddress": null,
                "prefixes": "",
                "name": "Amazon name for service"
            "amsixConnectConfigDto": null,
            "webAirProvItem": null,
            "sdrcProvItem": null,
            "rate": null,
            "setup": null,
            "asn": null,
            "bgpPassword": null,
            "usageAlgorithm": "POST_PAID_HOURLY_SPEED_LONG_HAUL_VXC",
            "costCentre": null,
            "azureServiceKey": null,
            "oracleVirtualCircuitId": null,
            "serviceKey": null,
            "connectType": "AWS",
            "payerConfig": {},
            "nonPayerConfig": {},
            "attributeTags": {},
            "fullyApproved": true

The Port and VXC now appear in the Megaport ONE Portal.

For this example, the AWS Hosted VIF will appear in the AWS portal account under Direct Connect - Virtual Interfaces. The account holder can accept the Virtual Interface and connect it to a Virtual Private Gateway or a Direct Connect Gateway and then to their VPCs.

Last update: 2023-08-31