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Using the Megaport Terraform Provider

The Megaport Terraform Provider, or terraform-provider-megaport, lets you create, manage, and update Megaport ONE services through the Megaport API using Terraform tools.

The Terraform Provider provides true multi-cloud hybrid environments supported by the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN). You can create and manage Ports, Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs), Megaport Cloud Routers (MCRs), and partner VXCs.

Before you start, we recommend that you read the Essentials Wiki Page.


The Megaport Terraform Provider is intended to be used with the Megaport API. It does not constitute any part of the official paid product and is not eligible for support through customer channels.


Usage of the Megaport Terraform Provider constitutes your acceptance of the terms in the Megaport Acceptable Use Policy and Global Services Agreement.

Last update: 2023-06-19