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Viewing Azure Cloud resources through CSP Looking Glass

This topic describes the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Looking Glass that provides visibility into your Azure Express Route resources.

Microsoft Azure Express Route resources

To view Azure Express Route resources

  1. Choose Tools > CSP Looking Glass and select Microsoft Azure from the View Resources drop-down list.
  2. Click a resource name for details.

Azure Resources

This table describes the resources and their meaning.

Resource Description
ETAG Displays a unique read-only string that changes whenever the resource is updated.
ID Displays the resource ID.
Name Displays the resource name.
Type Displays the resource type.
Location Displays the resource location.
Tags Displays the resource tags.
Allow Classic Operations Indicates whether the circuit is connected to the virtual network using the classic deployment model. In the classic model, each resource exists independently and the Resource Manager isn’t supported.
Circuit Provisioning State Displays the Microsoft provisioning state:

Enabled - The circuit is created but might not be provisioned on the provider side. When the Circuit Provisioning State is enabled and the Service Provider Provisioning State is Provisioned, the circuit is ready for use.

Enabling - The circuit is being provisioned on the Microsoft side.

Disabling - The circuit has been deprovisioned on the Microsoft side.
Service Provider Provisioning State Displays the connectivity provider provisioning state:

Not Provisioned - The circuit is not yet provisioned on the provider side.

Provisioning - The service key has been passed to the provider and they have started the provisioning process.

Provisioned - The provisioning process is complete on the provider side. When the circuit provisioning state is Enabled and the service provider provisioning state is Provisioned, the circuit is ready for use.
Authorizations Displays the authorization key used to establish the circuit.
Peerings Displays a list of peerings associated with this circuit.
Service Key Displays the code given by the Megaport account holder to connect to the Azure account.
Service Provider Notes Displays read-only notes entered by the connectivity provider.
Service Provider Properties Displays read-only notes entered by the connectivity provider.
Express Route Port Displays read-only notes entered by the connectivity provider.
Bandwidth in GBPS Displays the circuit bandwidth in GBPS.
STag Displays the identifier of the circuit traffic.
Provisioning State Displays the provisioning state of the Express Route cross connection: Succeeded, Updating, Deleting, or Failed.
Name Displays the name of the SKU in this circuit.
Tier Displays the tier of the SKU: Standard, Premium, Basic, or Local.
Family Displays the family of the SKU: UnlimitedData or MeteredData.

Last update: 2022-12-08