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Viewing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources through CSP Looking Glass

This topic describes the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Looking Glass that provides visibility into your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources

The information displayed in the Looking Glass for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources represent a virtual circuit resource.

To view Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources

  1. Choose Tools > CSP Looking Glass.
  2. Select Oracle Cloud from the View Resources From drop-down list.
  3. Click a resource name for details.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources

This table describes the resources and their meaning.

Resource Description
Bandwidth Shape Name The provisioned data rate of the connection.
BGP Session State The BGP session state: Idle, Connect, Active, OpenSent, OpenConfirm, and Established.
Compartment ID The OCID of the compartment containing the virtual circuit.
Customer ASN Displays your BGP ASN (either public or private).
Display Name The name of the virtual circuit.
Freeform Tags The freeform key-value pair for the resource.
Gateway ID The OCID of the dynamic routing gateway that a private virtual circuit uses.
ID The unique provider-supplied identifier.
Lifecycle State The state of the lifecycle the resource has reached.
Oracle BGP ASN The Oracle BGP ASN.
Provider Service ID The OCID of the service offered by the provider.
Provider Service Key Name The name of the provider’s service key used to identify the provider’s virtual circuit.
Provider State The provider’s state in relation to this virtual circuit.
ACTIVE means the provider has provisioned the virtual circuit from their end. INACTIVE means the provider has not yet provisioned the virtual circuit or has deprovisioned it.
Public Prefixes The public IP prefixes (CIDRs) the customer wants to advertise across a private virtual circuit.
Reference Comment Displays any provider-supplied reference information about this virtual circuit.
Region The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region where this virtual circuit is located.
Service Type Indicates whether the service is a Layer 2 resource.
Time Created The time and date that the resource was created.
Type The type of IP addresses used in this virtual circuit: PUBLIC or PRIVATE.
PRIVATE means RFC 1918 addresses.
Cross Connect Mappings
BGP MD5 Auth Key The BGP MD5 authentication key.
Cross Connect or Cross Connect Group ID The OCID of the cross connect group.
Customer BGP Peering IP Displays your BGP peering IP address.
Customer BGP Peering IPv6 Displays your BGP peering IPv6 address.
Oracle BGP Peering IP The Oracle BGP peering IP address.
Oracle BGP Peering IPv6 The Oracle BGP peering IP address.

Last update: 2023-08-18