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Discovery Overview

This topic explains how to discover and explore Megaport ONE data centers, connectivity, high-performance network connectivity, and cloud and edge compute resources around the world. You can also find the lowest network latency for specific locations.

Megaport’s global network infrastructure consists of carrier grade switching equipment hosted in data centers around the world. You can search for nearby Megaport Points of Presence (PoP) where you can connect to the Megaport network.

Using Discovery maps

There are two types of locations where you can connect to Megaport’s network:

  • Installed – These locations contain Megaport networking hardware, and you can connect to any of them through the Megaport ONE Portal.
  • Preorder – These locations will be enabled soon and are accepting preorders for services. After ordering, the service appears on the Services page, labeled as preordered. When the location is ready, Megaport ONE generates a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the service specifying the demarcation point to be applied. You can download the LOA from the Portal or you can view the LOA PDF sent by email.

Discovery maps encompass both installed and preorder locations.

To explore resources

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose Tools > Discovery.

Discovery Map

Select the tabs below the map to discover and explore these resources:

Last update: 2023-09-21