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Discover Cloud Compute Resources

This topic explains how to discover available cloud compute locations throughout the world.

To discover cloud compute locations

  1. Choose Tools > Discovery.

  2. Select the Compute Resources tab.

    Compute Resources

  3. Click a resource on the map for more information.

The table displays cloud compute locations for cloud provider regions throughout the world, and includes graphics processing unit (GPU) capabilities and carbon emissions ratings.

GPU enabled locations – GPU processors provide computing power to process many pieces of data simultaneously, significantly accelerating high-performance computing in the cloud. NVIDIA GPU cards are available from Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

After finding the GPU enabled data center you need in the location you want, you can launch an enabled workload using that GPU resource, and then bring the workload down when compute is finished, paying only for what you use. Running high-performance computing for a specific workload gives you the flexibility to change resources easily and as often as your workload requires.

Carbon emissions – Companies interested in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives can identify carbon emissions data from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The data centers are rated according to scientifically vetted emission factors provided by Climatiq. The data centers with the lowest emission ratings receive four green leaves, the data centers in the midrange receive two to three green leaves, and the lowest ranked data centers receive one green leaf. N/A indicates that no emissions data is available to evaluate.

Data center emission accounting uses the formula kg CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) / CPU hour.

Filtering the display

  • Use the filters to narrow your search based on provider, region, country, city, a particular compute location, and environmental impact.

  • Set the Location Filter Scope to Local to search within a specific radius around a given location.

    Location Filter

    The default is a 50-mile search radius. You can select a 5, 10, or 100-mile search radius using the Proximity drop-down list.

Finding resources based on carbon emissions

Data centers ratings are calculated using aggregate data from a broad range of emission-generating activity.

To discover data centers based on environmental impact

  1. Choose Tools > Discovery.

  2. Select the Compute Resources tab.

  3. Select Emissions from the Sort By drop-down list.

    Compute Resources

    The data center values and ratings appear under Carbon Emissions.

Last update: 2023-02-02