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Discover GPU Resources

This topic explains how to discover available graphics processing units (GPUs) at each cloud provider region throughout the world. NVIDIA GPU cards are available from Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

GPUs are specialized processors that provide computing power to process many pieces of data simultaneously, significantly accelerating high-performance computing in the cloud.

You can use this tab to locate the NVIDIA GPU card that fits your requirements. The table lists the location and provider along with the provider NVIDIA card type availability.

Once you find the card you need in the location you want, you can launch an enabled workload using that GPU resource, and then bring the workload down when compute is finished, paying only for what you use. Running high-performance computing for a specific workload gives you the flexibility to change resources easily and as often as your workload requires.

To discover GPU resources

  1. Choose Tools > Discovery.

  2. Select the GPU Resources tab.

    GPU Resources

Changing the display

Use the filters to narrow your search based on GPU type, provider, country, province/state, or city.

To sort the location/provider column

  • Click the up/down triangles next to NAME.
    The table columns reload, if necessary.
  • Click the triangle in the heading again to reverse the order.
    The triangle reflects the current bidirectional sort order.

Last update: 2022-10-04