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Discover Internet Exchange Locations

This topic explains how to discover Internet Exchange (IX) locations owned and operated by Megaport in the Megaport global network. The lower part of the page displays a table view that includes a list of available IX, their data centers, location and latency at that location.

For details about IX, see Internet Exchange Overview.

To discover IX locations

  1. Choose Tools > Discovery.

  2. Select the IX Locations tab.

    IX Locations

Filtering the display

Use the filters to narrow your search based on IX name, country, or city, or select a data center.

To search based on distance from a specific address

  1. Set the Location Filter Scope to Local to search within a specific radius around a given location.
    Location Filter
    The default is a 50-mile search radius. You can select a 5, 10, or 100-mile search radius using the Proximity drop-down list.

  2. Enter a street address and city to drop a pin on the map.
    The map zooms in on your specified address to include the pin and at least one location, if available.
    Filter by Address

  3. Click the Megaport ONE logo to view additional detail about the IX. View IX Details

Last update: 2023-09-12