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View Network Latency

This topic explains how to find the lowest network latency for specific locations. For example, you can select a data center as the A-End and the map displays which location in the Megaport software-defined network has the lowest latency to that data center.

The data used to calculate Megaport’s network latency is collected from monitoring equipment in Megaport-enabled data centers worldwide, in 5-minute intervals. Monthly latency and packet delivery statistics are calculated by averaging all samples from that month.

To view network latency times

  1. Choose Tools > Discovery.

  2. Select the Network Latency tab.


    Alternatively, Click the gear icon Gear icon under Actions and select View Latency.

    Network Latency

  3. Select your starting A-End data center location. For more granularity, you can filter by data center, cloud, or partner and then narrow your search by provider and location. You can also filter by specific service needs. For example, search for the availability of a 100 G Port, a Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), or a Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE).

    Locations within the Megaport network are listed in order of lowest latency first, with all available data centers listed by default.

    View Latency

Last update: 2023-05-23