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Megaport IX Features

This topic describes the Megaport IX features.

MegaIX Looking Glass

The MegaIX Looking Glass provides full-featured visibility into traffic routing and the IX route server environment. This visibility helps you troubleshoot connections by searching for an AS number, a peer, or a particular IP prefix on the IX route server.

Use the BGP neighbor overview to look at a specific route server. The Looking Glass shows you which networks are available at a specific route server, provides BGP session information (established and down), and provides a summary of received and filtered routes from each peer.

Route server filtering

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) invalid routes are filtered and are easy to identify using the Looking Glass. For details on RPKI, see any of these helpful resources:

Peer Macro

The Peer Macro option is enabled for all connections. This value defines the AS macro filter for the peer. Megaport ONE uses it to generate a list of prefixes and origin AS values that an AS can originate, and this list filters announcements through the route server.

Large BGP Community support

Megaport IX supports an extended range of action communities that Megaport IX route servers are able to recognize. As part of this, the EURO-IX Large BGP Community standard is supported. Megaport recommends migrating to these communities.

BFD support

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) protocol is enabled on route servers in all Megaport IX locations with a 300 millisecond interval. The BFD protocol detects any path failures between directly connected BGP neighbors, allowing for a faster BGP routing re-convergence time.

BGP Add Path

IX supports the BGP add-path feature to enable advertisements of multiple paths to a single address prefix, without the new paths implicitly replacing any previous paths.

Add-path support provides:

  • Optimal routing and routing convergence in a network by providing potential alternate or backup paths.
  • BGP traffic load balancing across more than one path.

For more information, see Advertisement of Multiple Paths in BGP.


Your network must support BGP add-path functionality to benefit from its features.

Last update: 2022-08-16