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Megaport Marketplace Overview

Megaport Partner Marketplace is an online hub where global service providers and enterprise customers interconnect. Service providers can showcase their brand, reach global enterprises, scale to new markets, and provide solutions for businesses worldwide. Enterprises can connect to a broad range of internet services, cloud providers, managed services, and many others.

Key features of the Marketplace include:

  • Neutral and inclusive – Megaport ONE is data center agnostic, meaning that customers can access the Marketplace and tap into services by some of the world’s leading technology providers without being locked to a single data center provider.

  • Rapid and agile connectivity – Customers can find and connect to service providers around the world in minutes.

  • Self-serve – Customers can connect with who they want and when they want to meet their specific business needs.

To browse the list of available providers, choose Networking > Marketplace. The Marketplace displays a list of all participants.

Click a provider to go to their profile page.

Marketplace profile

The profile page displays information about the provider and a list of their port locations available for connections.

You can search for providers by company name, and sort the results in alphabetical order, by locations, or by port. You can also filter based on any of these values:

  • Provider Type – Filter by the type of service.

  • Port Speed – Filter by the maximum possible speed of the port. Note that the speed does not reflect the actual speed for the connection, but only the maximum possible.

  • Country – Filter the providers based on the country locations of their ports.

Megaport Marketplace filters

You can create a VXC to any of these connections. For details, see Requesting a Connection to a Service Provider.

Last update: 2023-07-07