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Requesting a Connection to a Service Provider

This topic describes how to request a Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) to a service provider in the Megaport Marketplace.

You can initiate a service request to any service provider with a profile in the Marketplace. When you initiate the connection request, the service provider is notified of the request by email and the service provider can accept or deny the request.

To create a connection request to a service provider

  1. In the Megaport ONE Portal, choose Networking > Marketplace. Marketplace

  2. Use the filters to search for and select the provider.
    The destination ports for the service provider appear.
    Megaport Marketplace filters

  3. Select a B-End destination port and click Add Connection. Typically, you select the port closest to your Megaport service.
    Destination port

  4. Select the A-End connection source and click Confirm.
    Add connection

    The New Connection screen displays the A-End details, Connection Type, Service Provider, and selected Destination Port.

  5. Specify the VXC connection details:

    • Connection Name – The name of your VXC to be shown in the Megaport ONE Portal.
    • Rate Limit (Mbps) – The speed of your connection up to the maximum limit defined in the profile.
    • A-End VLAN (optional) – Specify an unused VLAN ID for this connection. This must be a unique VLAN ID on this port and can range from 2 to 4093.
      VXC configuration details
  6. Provide billing details for the connection:

    • Service Level Reference (optional) – Specify a unique identifying number for the connection to be used for billing purposes, such as a cost center number or a unique customer ID. The service level reference number appears for each service under the Product section of the invoice. You can also edit this field for an existing service.
    • Promo Code – If you have a promotional code, enter it and click Add Code.
  7. Click Create Connection.

  8. Review the summary and click Confirm.
    Once you deploy the VXC, the provider will receive a notification of your request. The provider will be prompted to log in to their Portal account and authorize this request. Once the provider approves the connection, the VXC will be configured and usable within 59 seconds. For details about the notification and approval process, see Marketplace Notifications.

Last update: 2023-09-19