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Marketplace Notifications

With a Marketplace profile, service providers can receive connection requests. When a customer initiates the connection request, the service provider is notified of the request by email and the service provider can accept or deny the request.

This topic describes:

  • The notifications emailed by Megaport ONE to the service provider and the customer requesting the connection

  • How the service provider can accept or deny the request

  • How to configure email notification groups so Megaport ONE Portal users receive only email updates relevant to their position

Requirements for customers of service providers

For an end user to connect to a service provider, they need:

  • Access to the Megaport ONE Portal
  • A service on the Megaport network
  • Support for Layer 2/Layer 3

Service provider and customer notifications

After the customer makes the connection request, Megaport sends email notifications to both the service provider and the customer.

Notification to Service Provider
Notification to Service Provider

Notification to Customer
Notification to Customer

Service provider approval

After receiving the email notification of the connection request, the service provider needs to log in to the Megaport ONE Portal, navigate to the approvals section, and select Accept Request or Deny Request.

When the service provider accepts or denies the request, Megaport sends a second notification to the customer with details.

Service provider response

Megaport sends another email to the customer when the VXC is available.

VXC is available

This establishes the Layer 2 connection from the customer to the service provider.

For connectivity to multiple destination ports, repeat the creation and approval process for each new connection.


Service providers can also use service keys to control customer access to their ports. For more information, see Setting Up Service Keys.

If a customer requests a speed change to a higher bandwidth after deployment, Megaport notifies the service provider and they can accept or reject the change.

Speed change

Configuring users for email notifications

Each user in the Megaport ONE Portal is assigned a user role that includes privilege levels. Users configured for Company Admin, Technical Contact, and Technical Admin can subscribe to notifications.

For more information, see Managing User Roles.

Users can choose to receive email notifications from each of these groups: Security, People, Company, Financial, Ordering, Service Status, and Services.

For VXC approvals, enable notifications for the Ordering group.

For more information, see Configuring Email Notifications.

Last update: 2023-08-17