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Creating a Marketplace Profile

If you are a service provider, create and set up a Marketplace profile to let customers find you and connect to your services.


Partner-managed accounts do not have permission to view or edit Marketplace profile information.

Before you can create a Megaport Marketplace profile, you need to create a customer profile and have login credentials to the Megaport ONE Portal. For details, see Setting Up a Megaport ONE Account.

To create a Marketplace profile

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose Tenant > Settings.
    Tenant Settings option
  3. Select Marketplace.
    The Megaport Marketplace page appears.
  4. If a profile has not already been created, click Create Marketplace Profile.
    Alternatively, click Edit.
    Megaport Marketplace Profile

  5. Provide the following details:

    • Marketplace Logo – Upload an image of your company logo to display on the tile in the Marketplace. The recommended image size is 200px by 200px and in PNG (best) or JPG format.

    • Company Name – The company name that you want displayed in both the Marketplace and in your profile URL.

    • Profile Visibility – Select Public or Private. When public, your profile is visible on the Marketplace. When private, your profile is hidden on the Marketplace. Select private when editing or pending final completion of the profile.


      If ports are dimmed, make your profile Public to show ports as targets for service.

    • Contact Email – The contact email for inquiries related to your Marketplace profile. We recommend that you enter your email address to have all sales and service inquiries contact you, as the service provider.

    • Company Bio – This is a free text field where you can enter company biographical information. There is a 200 word limit.

    • Website – Your company URL/website address. Ideally, this link goes to specific information on the offerings you provide in the Marketplace.

    • Phone – Your contact number for service inquiries.

    • Social – Add the social media links you want attached to your profile.

    • Headquarters Address – The address of your company’s primary location.

  6. Click Save.

Changing your profile

You can make changes to your profile at any time.

To change your Marketplace Profile

  1. From the Megaport ONE Portal, choose Tenant > Settings.

  2. Select Marketplace.
    The Megaport Marketplace page appears.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Make any changes and click Save.

Adding Ports to your profile

With a Marketplace profile, all Ports associated with your account that are set for public visibility in the Marketplace are visible and available for inbound connection requests as Marketplace services.

You set the Marketplace visibility when you create a Port; you can change the Marketplace visibility at any time by editing the Port configuration.

Adding a Port to your Marketplace profile

For details, see Creating a Port.

When you make a Port public, it is advertised as “CompanyName at Location” in the Marketplace. You can edit your Marketplace profile to give it a different name and a description.

If you later edit the name of the Port from the Services page, it will not change the defined Marketplace display name.

Last update: 2023-07-14