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Cisco with MVE

A Cisco Megaport Virtual Edge C8000V can be provisioned for routing in autonomous mode or for SD-WAN in SD-WAN mode. The appliance mode determines how you configure and manage your MVE deployment.

Cisco MVE for routing

A Cisco MVE C8000V provisioned in autonomous mode creates a standalone router that supports the Cisco IOS XE software features and technologies, providing Cisco IOS XE routing, security, and switching features on a virtualization platform.

Cisco MVE supports your existing license. You bring your own Cisco Interconnect Gateway (Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software) license for Cisco for use with MVE. The Megaport ONE Portal is used to create and order the MVE and create and manage the virtual cross connects (VXCs).


To learn more about Cisco Catalyst Edge Software, see the Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software Data Sheet.

For details, see Creating a Cisco MVE in Autonomous Mode.


Megaport Virtual Edge in autonomous mode requires Cisco C8000V.

Cisco MVE in SD-WAN mode

Cisco MVE provisioned in SD-WAN mode supports IOS XE SD-WAN functionalities, including comprehensive SD-WAN, WAN gateway, and network services functions in the virtual and cloud environments.

Cisco creates the private overlay network and manages the network connections and network policies. The vManage management console is used to create and order the MVE and create and manage the virtual cross connects (VXCs) to the cloud onramps and other services in the Megaport SDN. The Cisco SD-WAN fabric acts as the overlay, and the Megaport SDN acts as the underlay.

For details, see Creating a Cisco SD-WAN MVE in vManage.


MVE in SD-WAN mode requires Cisco’s vManage management console running version 20.5 or later.

MVE with Cisco

Last update: 2023-01-23