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Integrating MPLS with SDCI

This topic describes integration and management challenges with MPLS and highlights the Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI) solution with MVE and Cisco SD-WAN.


SDCI helps improve network performance in a cost-effective manner while adding the flexibility to create highly reliable connections on demand. For more information, see this Cisco topic: What Is Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI)?


Many organizations have a mix of sites using MPLS underlay and internet underlay. In this scenario, a data center typically acts as an anchor site with connections to both underlays. The anchor site routes traffic between the MPLS and internet environments.

Data center as an anchor site from MPLS to Internet

A few common challenges with this scenario include a possible single point of failure with the data center and efficient traffic management.


SDCI with MVE can address these challenges and act as the anchor site, either to provide a more efficient path or as a backup due to an outage at the data center location.

MVE: MPLS to Internet Gateway

To add SDCI to your networks, connect to the nearest Megaport location (PoP) from your MPLS site at the data center. Then, create an MVE (virtual router) and connect to the Megaport network.

This solution involves these general steps:

  1. Work with your MPLS provider to provision a new MPLS circuit to a Megaport-enabled data center where you will also create the Port to connect to the Megaport network.

  2. Create a Megaport ONE account directly through the Portal.


    You need a Megaport ONE account and you cannot use an account created through CCW. This solution requires that you order a Port and CCW accounts only let you order MVEs and VXCs.

  3. Order a Port through the Megaport ONE Portal at the data center with the MPLS circuit.
    When you order a Port, you generate an LOA for the physical cross connect.

  4. Work with your MPLS provider to request the data center establish a single-mode fiber cross connect between the MPLS circuit and the Port in the data center.
    This step requires the LOA generated when ordering the Port.

  5. From the Megaport ONE Portal, create a private VXC from the Port to the MVE.

MVE SDCI Solution

Last update: 2022-07-18