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MVE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) different from other SD-WAN products?

MVE is an on-demand vendor-neutral Network Function Virtualization (NFV) service that improves connectivity on SD-WAN products by reducing internet dependence. MVE offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model on the Megaport ONE high-capacity private network. Megaport ONE’s partners have integrated, or are in the process of integrating, MVE ordering and connectivity across the Megaport ONE software-defined network (SDN) within their own management consoles. Vendors of SD-WAN equipment are able to sell a bundled solution consisting of both their equipment and the necessary connectivity for a comprehensive service deployment. By partnering with Megaport ONE, service providers are able to provide WAN connectivity significantly faster than with their legacy solution product suite.

Do I need to buy an internet connection to use MVE?

You can use pre-existing internet connectivity from your premises to securely access the MVE that is geographically located closest to those premises. Three sizes are available to support varying numbers of concurrent connections, and multiple MVEs may be deployed within the same metropolitan area for redundancy or capacity reasons.

How does IP addressing work on MVE?

Included within the subscription for each MVE is a unique, dedicated, publicly accessible IP address that can be entered as a Domain Name Server (DNS) “A record” within the customer DNS for ease of use. This IP address will persistently be associated with the MVE for the duration of its life.

Is there any DDoS protection for MVE?

Yes, each MVE subscription has distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack protection included at no additional charge.

Can two MVEs reach each other over the public internet?

No. The internet-facing interface on an MVE cannot reach the internet-facing interface on another MVE over the public internet. You must create a private VXC to build connectivity between two MVEs. For details, review the appropriate “Connecting MVEs” topic for your SD-WAN vendor.

How does MVE work with, or compare to, the MCR?

Megaport ONE Cloud Router (MCR) and MVE are complementary products that serve different needs. MCR is a virtual BGP router that resides within the Megaport ONE SDN. MCR configuration is optimized for enterprise-to-cloud or multi-cloud connections. MCR is ideal when customers are already present in a data center connected to the Megaport ONE SDN or only need cloud-to-cloud connectivity. MCR is a standalone product, which is individually configured and operated.

MVE resides at the edge of the Megaport ONE SDN. It provides access to the Megaport ONE SDN for customers not already present within a data center. MVE configuration is done within both the Megaport ONE Portal and the partner SD-WAN management console (details depend on your SD-WAN provider).

MVE and MCR are both subscription services, and can be used separately or together.

Does MVE displace MCR?

No, MVE doesn’t displace MCR.

How is MVE pricing structured?

MVEs are available in three sizes with recurring monthly flat fees. These fees include the MVE, public IP address, and internet connectivity with DDoS protection. IP transit costs may differ by market. VXCs between MVEs or other resources are billed separately. You can choose a pay-as-you-go or contract term pricing model. See MVE Pricing and Contract Terms for details.

Can I bring my own license?

Yes, if you already have a relationship with a SD-WAN partner available with MVE, you can bring your own license.

Last update: 2022-12-15