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Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewall with Megaport Virtual Edge

VM-Series is the next-generation firewall (NGFW) solution from Palo Alto Networks that adds extra security to your network at the edge. Using Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), you can quickly and securely deploy a NGFW in many global locations.

In the Megaport ONE Portal, you create and manage the MVE and Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) to cloud onramps and other services in the Megaport software-defined network. MVE acts as the underlay providing the compute, networking, and connectivity on demand, so that when it is paired with the overlay of the VM-Series NGFW it quickly and securely deploys a complete virtual firewall service. You manage the firewall via the appliance’s local GUI or Palo Alto network orchestrator, Panorama.

MVE with Palo Alto

Last update: 2023-09-19