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Billing Overview - Root Tenants

This topic describes the basic billing and invoicing information for root tenants, including customer billing.

Megaport ONE billing features let you review your invoiced costs and manage access to billing information.

  • A billing market was set up for your company profile when you registered your account and created a company profile.
  • The root tenant receives a monthly invoice directly from Megaport ONE for all of its child tenant accounts.
  • All child tenant accounts are invoiced by the root tenant.
  • Each child tenant account is identified with a unique account number, called a child tenant account reference.
  • All child tenant account references are rolled up into a consolidated invoice for the root tenant.
  • Each root tenant is responsible for all charges incurred by themselves and all child tenant accounts.

Billing Essentials

  • Global Service Agreement – Refer to the Megaport Global Services Agreement for the official description of terms and conditions.

  • Your billing contact – Invoices, statements, and other communications from Accounts Receivable is sent to the Billing Contact email address registered in your account. Ensure that this contact is current. See Updating Your Billing Information for instructions on how to update your billing contact.

  • Payments – Any Megaport ONE service charges will be issued on the standard Megaport invoice. Payments can be processed electronically either to the bank account listed on your invoice or by credit card in the Megaport ONE Portal.

  • Contact Megaport – Send remittance and account queries to Megaport Accounts Receivable.

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  • All services are billed at the Megaport ONE list price.
  • Discounts aligned to a root tenant commission are calculated at the time of billing.


  • All charges to the root tenant and the child tenant account are invoiced with the root tenant tax treatment and any exemptions for the billing market applied.
  • Root tenants incur tax remitted by Megaport ONE.
  • Resellers incur child tenant account taxes remitted by the root tenant.
  • Taxes are applied in against the final billed amount.

For details on taxes, see Understanding Your Megaport ONE Root Tenant Invoice.

Viewing billing

The Billing page shows billing details for the selected service. You can view upcoming estimated bills and any changes to the configuration over a given month.

To view billing details for a service

  1. Log in to a root tenant account.

  2. Click the View Invoices icon for the appropriate billing market.
    A list of your invoices appears.
    View Invoices Icon

  3. By default, the invoices from the last 12 months appear. To narrow the invoices shown on the page, select a date range. All invoices with an invoice date within that date range appear, irrespective of settlement status.

  4. Click Download Statement to download a PDF of the account statement for the selected billing market.

Understanding billing by service type


To understand billing details for a Port, see Port Billing.


To understand billing details for a Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), see MCR Billing.


To understand billing details for a Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), see MVE Billing.

Last update: 2023-08-21