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Downloading an Invoice - Root Tenants

This topic provides details on downloading Megaport root tenant invoices.

Viewing invoices by billing market

From the Billing Markets page, a user logged in as a root tenant can see an estimate of the next child tenant invoices, download statements, and view a list of invoices, including amounts, due dates, open balances, and more. The invoices are sorted by the child tenant account references.


Root tenant users that have been referred by a Distributor cannot access billing markets or invoices. The Distributor enables the billing markets and acts as the billing agent for all referred partners. All invoices go directly to the Distributor account.

To view a list of invoices

  1. Choose Tenant > Billing Markets.
  2. Click the View Invoices icon for the appropriate billing market.
    A list of your invoices appears.
    View invoices icon

  3. By default, the invoices from the last 12 months appear. To narrow the invoices shown on the page, select a date range. All invoices with an invoice date within that date range appear, irrespective of settlement status.

To view by settlement status

  • Select a status from the drop-down list.

To download an invoice

  • Click Download Statement to download a PDF of the account statement for the selected billing market.

For details about your invoice, see Understanding Your Root Tenant Invoice.


You can only view and download invoices originally generated by the Megaport ONE Portal. Credit notes and manually corrected invoices are not visible and cannot be downloaded from the Megaport ONE Portal.

Last update: 2023-08-18