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Multitenancy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is there more than one level of child tenant account?

No, a root tenant account can have multiple child tenant accounts but a child tenant account cannot have its own child tenant accounts. For details, see Account Hierarchy.

Does a child tenant account receive a bill directly from Megaport ONE?

No, child tenant account invoices are collated and billed to the root tenant account.

Does an end customer have access to their child tenant account?

Yes, if the root tenant has segregated the services into a separate child tenant account then they can create a user role that provides access for the end customer.

Can an end customer in a child tenant account access the root tenant account?

No, a child tenant account user can only access their own account and not log in upwards to the root tenant account or laterally to other child tenant accounts not owned by the end customer.

Does a child tenant account user have permission to associate with a reseller?

Yes, you can move between a root tenant reseller account and a child tenant account with approval from all parties (Megaport ONE, the root tenant, and the end customer).

Can a child tenant user change the billing market information?

No, only a root tenant user can change the child account billing details.

Last update: 2023-06-13