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Configuring Notifications - Enterprise Users

In the Notification Settings page, you can configure email notifications for specific events and create customized alert policies for Insights. For details on the Insights feature, see Predicting Future Bandwidth Utilization.

Configuring email notifications

Megaport ONE Portal users can receive email notifications from the following categories:

  • Company
  • Financial
  • Ordering
  • Service Status
  • Services


If you have a partner-managed account, you cannot view or change notification settings. Maintenance event notifications are sent directly to the partner and not your managed account. Your partner will communicate with you regarding any maintenance events that affect your account. Security emails are sent directly to anyone impacted.

To review and configure email notifications

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose Tenant > Notifications.
    The Notification Settings appear.
  3. Click View notification details for a list of events in that category that trigger a notification.
    Edit notifications
  4. Click Edit to enable or disable Company, Financial, Ordering, Service Status, or Services notifications.
  5. Click the toggle for the appropriate category.
    Notification toggles
  6. Click Save.

Default email notifications

By default, all users receive these email notifications from People and Security. These categories are not configurable.

Category Event
People When an email is being validated.
When a user registers with a company.
When a user enables two-factor authentication.
When a user requests the secret for two-factor authentication.
Security When a person tries to log in but fails.
When a person registers.
When a user requests a password reset.

Configuring Insights notifications

Insights service monitoring is used by the Megaport ONE Prediction Forecasting Engine.

The Megaport ONE Prediction Forecasting Engine uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to identify trends in bandwidth usage. Forecasts for Megaport ONE services and connections are generated based on these usage data trends, to predict future bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth forecast trend alerts can be set up to notify you when an alert threshold is predicted to be met. When an alert threshold is met, email notifications will be sent to the addresses that have been entered as alert policies for Insights.

You can enter any email address, which allows you to enter an alias for your whole team, for example, This means that only one person in your organization needs to enable notifications in order to notify multiple people.


Each alert policy must contain a unique email address and policy name.

To configure Insights alert notification policies

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose Tenant > Notifications.
  3. Click New Policy in the Insights Alert Settings area. New Policy Button
  4. In the Create Policy screen, specify the alert policy details:
    • Policy Name – The name of the alert policy. This should be a name to clearly indicate the purpose of the policy, for example, Company-Wide Insight Alerts.
    • Email Address – The email address to which Insights alert notifications will be sent.
      Create Policy Screen
  5. Click Create Policy.
    The alert policy is created. You can edit the policy by clicking the gear icon in the Actions column. Notifications will now be sent to the email address when an alert threshold has been met. Alert Policy Created

Last update: 2023-07-07