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Customizing Company Branding

This topic describes how to change a company logo in the Megaport ONE Portal.

Megaport ONE has three types of customer accounts: enterprise, root tenant, and child tenant.

  • Enterprise customers work directly with Megaport ONE to set up their account and configure and manage services. Enterprise accounts are also called direct accounts.

  • A root tenant account centralizes the control and management of multiple child tenant organizations through one Portal. Root tenant administrators can view top-level data for their child tenant customers and provision and manage services for any child tenant organization they administer.

  • Child tenant customers work with a root tenant, or partner account. Child tenant accounts are also called managed accounts.

If you work with a root tenant and have a child tenant account, there are differences in the Portal experience and the visibility/availability of some features. Root tenants can customize the Portal experience for their child tenant accounts and can turn on or off features such as pricing and support chat, and customize the branding of the Portal.

Depending on the type of customer account, you can use the Theming page to create a customized look for your users or child tenant accounts.

Enterprise customer accounts

Enterprise customers who work directly with Megaport ONE can rebrand the Portal for their users by adding a company logo. Your company logo appears in the company administration page and various locations in the Megaport ONE Portal where services are deployed.

To add your company logo

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose Tenant > Settings.
  3. Select Theming.
    The Theming page appears. The current company logo is displayed. Company Logo Selection
  4. Click Edit on the right of the page.
  5. Under Company Logo, click Upload.
  6. Browse to and select your company logo image.
  7. If required, resize the image.
    For example:
    Resize Company Logo Image
  8. Click Submit.
    The logo is updated in Megaport ONE. Company Logo Updated

Tenant customer accounts

Root tenant (partner) accounts who work with child tenant accounts can fully rebrand the Portal for their child tenant accounts. For details, see Customizing Child Tenant Branding.

Last update: 2023-01-13