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Managing Your User Profile

From your Account page, you can update user profile details, email preferences, view account activity, and manage your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings. For information on account activity, see Viewing the Account Activity Log.

To manage your user profile

  1. Log in to the Megaport ONE Portal.
  2. Choose My Account under your user name.
    User profile
  3. To update your account details or email preferences: click Edit under Account Details, make the changes, then click Save.
    Account details
  4. To change the email address associated with your profile: click Actions and choose Change Email. Enter the password and new email address, then click Confirm.
    Change email

  5. To change your account password: click Actions and choose Change Password. Make the appropriate update, then click Confirm.

Securing your account with MFA

MFA is an authentication method and security system that ensures all of your business accounts require more than one verification factor before they can be accessed. For example, a user name and password, and a code from an authentication app. MFA is a core component of a strong identity and access management (IAM) policy, and provides an extra level of security for your Megaport ONE Portal account. We recommend that you use the Google Authenticator app when securing your accounts with MFA.

Each user enables MFA for their Megaport ONE Portal login, where required. They should install a login verification app (such as Google Authenticator) on their digital device (phone, tablet, computer, and so on). When users log in, they check the login verification app for the token or code that they need to enter as the additional factor.

To enable multi-factor authentication

  1. Choose My Account under your user name.
  2. Click Actions and choose Enable Multi-Factor Authentication.
    Multi-Factor Authentication option
  3. Scan the QR code with the authenticator app on your phone (for example, Google Authenticator).
    Multi-factor Authentication QR code screen
  4. Enter the one time token generated by the authenticator app.
    Using Google Authenticator, this is a series of six numbers.
  5. Click Confirm.
    MFA is now enabled for your account. After MFA has been enabled, you need to supply a valid token from the authenticator app every time you log in to the Megaport ONE Portal, in addition to your email and password.

Last update: 2023-07-20